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About Us

   My "Cruikshank Farms" journey started in my home when I decided I was tired of getting headaches from the wax melts you could buy at the big box stores. I did some research and found many people can be sensitive to the petroleum wax those companies used in their products. I decided to buy some soy wax and try making soy wax melts for myself. After some trial and error I found the perfect mix for me.

   Many of our family and friends wanted to try our melts and we slowly started offering them for sale. I decided the next step was to start making candles and I wanted to offer something unique: wood wicked candles in sleep metal tins.

   My husband, Wes, eventually decided to add his welded metal and horseshoe art to my business lineup.

   Then one summer I found wood flowers. They were a game changer for decor inside our own home. I decided to dive right in and start offering them as another line to our business. They quickly became so popular I needed to give them a name of their own.

    "My Wood Flowers" was created as a space to see the wood flower creations and for brides to congregate.

   Everyday we strive to bring something beautiful into other people's lives, I hope we can do the same for you!